JSON file

JSON file extension

What is .JSON file?

A JSON file can be described as document that shops straightforward info buildings and objects in JavaScript Subject Explication (JSON) format, ard data interchange format and which is a st. That is primarily employed for sending info amongst an internet software and a storage space. JSON files will be light and portable, textbased, human-readable, and can be modified using a textual content editing tool application.

More Specifics The JSON structure was actually depending on a subsection, subdivision, subgroup, subcategory, subclass of JavaScript yet can be considered a language-independent style, staying recognized simply by several different programming APIs. JSON is usually usually found in Ajax Internet request encoding. It is actually changing into steadily considerably more reputed due to a great substitute for XML.

How to open .JSON file?

# Windows
1 XMLSpy
2 Notepad
3 Notepad++
# Mac OS
1 Apple TextEdit
2 TextWrangler
3 MacVim
# Linux
1 Vim
2 Text editor
3 Mozilla Firefox